A Direct Repair Program is an insurer-approved auto repair shop, which your specific insurance company may refer you to for repairs after a collision. In order to offer these services, the shop must be vetted by insurance companies to ensure that their policy holders will receive the best quality repairs and reliable service. Many insurers will even offer lifetime guarantees on work performed by their direct repair program shop, so your car can drive you around Eagle Rock, Los Angeles, Pasadena or Glendale for many years to come.

Why Choose a Direct Repair Program Shop?

The benefits of choosing an auto repair shop that has been certified by insurance providers are many, but the most important is the peace of mind you’ll gain. Every direct repair shop has been thoroughly evaluated by your insurance company to make sure that the shop can provide the best possible repairs for your vehicle.

It’s important to your insurance provider that you receive sound and long-lasting repairs. If your car were to have an issue after the repairs were conducted, it would be the insurance company’s responsibility to have your car fixed again. That means that Direct Repair Program shops offer some of the most high-quality, trustworthy work on the market.

Do I Have to Use a Direct Repair Program Shop?

Insurance companies have direct repair programs as a convenience to their policyholders, but you don’t have to use one for your repairs. Most people ask the insurance representative for recommendations for a trustworthy shop when they call to file a claim. Having a list of preferred repair shops makes it easier to respond quickly and accurately. The vehicle owner is provided with a few suggestions of shops that are located in the area, but the owner can make their own choice as to whether to choose a Direct Repair Program option or to opt for a different shop that is not on the insurer’s list.

The insurance company has a contract with preferred providers so the owner doesn’t have to go to three different places gathering estimates. The mechanics work directly with the company to handle all the details and paperwork. This eliminates hassle for the driver and saves time so the vehicle is repaired fast. There are no delays if additional work or parts are required. Drivers get their vehicles back as soon as possible.

Protection and Peace of Mind

All preferred collision and repair shops offer limited lifetime warranties on repairs and body work, which protects the original warranty that was included in the vehicle purchase. It also protects the vehicle from inferior parts and bad repairs. The owner is protected as well because any issues with the repair will be taken care of by the shop.