• Ammeter Range: 0 to +/- 1200 ADC in 1 amp increments.
  • Amps Bargraph Display: 0 to 500 ADC in 10 amp increments.
  • Voltmeter Range: 0 to +/- 40.9 VDC in 0.1 volt increments.
  • Ammeter Accuracy: 0-750 +/- 3% of reading + 1 least significant digit. 750 -1200 +/- 6% of reading + 1 least significant digit.
  • Input Impedance (Ext. Volts Test Function Only):10 Megohms.
  • Carbon Pile Load: 500 Amps (maximum) 12 volts only.
  • Carbon Pile Time Indicator: 15 seconds.
  • Carbon Pile Duty Cycle:15 seconds on / 45 seconds off for 200 amp load at 75° F. Extend cooling period if exceeding ten cycles or 200 amps.
  • Operating Power Requirement Range: 7.5 to 18 VDC (18 VDC maximum for load tests).

Snap-on MT3750 AVR

Snap-on AVR, Battery Load Tester, Electrical System Diagnosis and More

Problems that used to take up to an hour to diagnose can be uncovered in only five minutes or less. This unit provides the three primary functions for testing batteries, starters, alternators voltage regulators and their related circuitry. These functions, ammeter, voltmeter and load control are coupled with this unit's unique indicator, which analyze the quality of an alternators DC output. Advanced circuitry provides a high degree of accuracy, reliability, and protection from overload or crossed lead wires and minimizes the effects of RFI.

MT3750 AVR Features:

  • LCD displays for amps and volts -- simultaneously display readings in large, easy-to-read digital format.
  • 750 Amp current range essential for testing today's automotive and light truck starting systems.
  • Manual Freeze Key can be pressed to at any time to freeze live data.
  • Amps Zero Key provides convenient one touch "0" amperage.
  • Compact Amp Probes allows performing current measurements in areas with limited access.
  • Load and 15-second indicators automatically signal when the carbon pile has been engaged and applied for 15 seconds. This eliminates the need to observe clock or wristwatch when performing battery load tests.
  • Diode Test Key shows the quality of alternator output as good, marginal or bad informing the technician of the condition of diodes and/or stator windings.
  • Ten Megohm input impedance helps to ensure safe testing of computer circuits with external volt leads.
  • Twin Extruded Load Leads reduce tangles and are less cumbersome for added user convenience.