ASE Certified Technicians


• Essential tools for pulling dents and repairing aluminum vehicles

• Complete tool set includes power supply to weld studs for dent pulling

• High-capacitive discharge stud welder automatically welds stud when pushed onto panel

• The three ground lugs are integrated in the gun and aids in keeping the studs perpendicular to the panel

• Includes Bridge Puller, Lever Puller, Squeeze Puller and T-Handle Puller for a variety of dents, creases and dings

• Complete consumable kit with (250) Al-Mg stud pins for 5000 series and (250) Al-Si stud pins for 6000 series aluminum panels

• Contains (5) quick-clamp pulling fingers and (5) each twist eyelets

• Includes pneumatic solid rivet gun, flush set, punch and bucking bar to remove and install solid rivets

• Self-piercing rivet removal and installation tools

• Door and step flange pneumatic hemming tools that are specific to aluminum panels

• Complete body hammer and dolly set with rubber covers to minimize stretching

• Offset aviation snips, Clekos, 1/4" drill bits and aluminum panel thickness gage

• Variable temperature heat gun with an infrared thermometer to heat panels prior to straightening

• Drawers have foam inserts to hold tools keeping them isolated from steel panel use

• Set of seven each locking C-clamp pliers

• Includes a dust cover to protect the contents when not in use


Features an aluminum stud welder and a variety of pulling tools for a wide range of dents, creases and hail damaged panels to easily pull them back into shape. Also includes self-piercing and solid rivet tools, along with panel hemming tools and a variety of additional tools for servicing vehicles that are constructed of aluminum.

i-car certified technicians