Computerized Wheel Balancer Features:

  • Unique Sensing Assembly
  • Revolutionary virtual measurement plane sensing assembly divides the tire and wheel assembly "down the center" for unsurpassed accuracy and repeatability.
  • Two Parameter Automatic Entry
  • Rim offset and rim diameter are entered automatically by touching the distance gauge to the rim.
  • Safe, Accurate Operation
  • After a single, motorized wheel balance cycle of less than 100 RPM, dual LED displays with a wheel graphic show exact weight requirements and locations.
  • Wheel Guard Standard
  • Half hood wheel guard shields the operator and allows full view of the tire during the spin cycle.
  • Large Rugged Cabinet
  • Unibody, welded cabinet requires only a 64" x 49" floor footprint. Foot-operated shaft lock aids weight placement.
  • Multiple Operator
  • Parameter recall gives four operators simultaneous access. Built-in spin counter.
  • Custom Weight Placement (ALU-S) Mode
  • Allows technicians to easily modify the weight placement location to the rim. Ideal for inside tape weight application.
  • Multiple Wheel Balancing Modes
  • Static, dynamic, as well as five ALU modes and an ALU-S mode cover virtually all wheel balancing needs. Also fine balance, hidden weight (spoke), split weight and round-off modes.
  • Self Calibration, Self Diagnostics
  • Automatic calibration program allows the wheel balancer to calibrate itself with little or no downtime. Self-diagnostic program minimizes maintenance costs.
  • Durable, Versatile
  • Hardened 28.5 mm balancing shaft (133 lb. capacity), with cast iron backing collar, handles today's larger and heavier tire and wheel assemblies. Standard four-cone set is designed for pilot holes up to 5.15" to handle popular trucks and SUV's.
  • Easy-to-Use Display
  • Uses three bright LED's and a single rotary knob. All wheel balancer function keys are graphically highlighted and steel-domed for ruggedness and reliability.
  • Large Storage Tray
  • Precision-molded weight tray with 19 weight storage pockets for both clip-on and tape weights. Storage tray features a conveniently located storage hook for the rim width caliper. Four storage pegs.

From Snap-on, the leader in wheel balancing technology, comes the EEWB304A computer wheel balancer, offering expanded performance with next generation product design: new cabinet, new electronics, new high torque motor, new patent pending measuring assembly, plus enhanced software features for all types of standard and specialty wheels.
Built with a large cabinet, generous weight storage and 133lb. tire capacity, the Computerized Wheel Balancer also features the high reliability and ease-of-use you have come to expect from the Snap-on family of high quality, best value wheel balancers.